Compliance Audit Identifies $236,479 in Improper Medicaid Payments and Interest to Franklin County Ambulance Service


COLUMBUS – State auditors identified $210,585 in improper Medicaid payments over a two-year period to a Columbus ambulance service, Auditor of State Keith Faber announced Tuesday.

With added interest, the Auditor of State’s Office is recommending repayment of $236,479 from Amerikare LLC, a licensed medical transportation organization, as part of a recently completed compliance examination.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid administers health care and related programming to about 2.9 million lower-income residents, older adults, individuals with disabilities, pregnant women, infants and children, and others. 

The Auditor of State, pursuant to an agreement with the Ohio Department of Medicaid, audits Ohio’s Medicaid providers to determine if those examined are in compliance with federal and state reimbursement requirements. 

The Department of Medicaid and/or the Ohio Attorney General’s Office ultimately take action to gain compliance and recoup any inappropriate or excess payments.

Amerikare provided more than 18,000 ambulance or ambulette services and was paid about $748,500 between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2022. Issues identified in Tuesday’s report included mileage paid in excess of documented mileage driven and missing certificates of medical necessity for days when services were provided.

Copies of the full report are available online via Search Audits ( Amerikare declined to submit an official response.

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