AG Yost Sues Akron Used-Car Dealership Seeking Reimbursement in Title Deception Cases


(AKRON, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is suing a used-car dealership and its owner for alleged violations of state consumer protection laws, including failure to deliver vehicle titles to dozens of customers.

The lawsuit, driven by 114 complaints to Yost’s office, names Shane Beers and SJ Motorworks, which Beers operated in Akron from April 2019 through May 2023. Ninety of the complaints centered on vehicle titles.

“Before purchasing a car, make sure you’re not driving into a scam zone – research the seller and the process,” Yost cautioned. “Shady dealers think they can outsmart buyers, but they’ll learn the hard truth in court.”

Beers is accused of violating Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act and Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title Act. The Consumer Protection Section of Yost’s office 26 of the complainants whole using $71,687.58 from the Title Defect Recision Fund, a program that helps used-car buyers resolve title problems.

The lawsuit, filed in Summit County Common Pleas Court, seeks to recover that fund money as well as the amount needed to resolve all remaining complaints. Additionally, the suit asks the court to impose a civil penalty and prohibit Beers from maintaining or applying for auto-dealer or auto-sales licenses.

If you suspect a business of unfair or deceptive sales practices, contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at or 800-282-0515.