Mount Vernon Municipal Court Weekly Warrants for September 29, 2023

Warrants were issued over the last week by the Mount Vernon Municipal Court for the arrest of the following individuals. If you have any pertinent information about someone on the list, please contact law enforcement. Thank you. #WeeklyWarrants
Colton Stiltner
Robin Garretson
Daniel Goudy
Amber Wright
Timothy Llewellyn
Not Pictured:
Dillion Workman
Joshua Samson
Amber Stockdale
Malakai Dabel

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Warning Issued for Reemerging Synthetic Opioid in Ohio


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Carfentanil, a lethal synthetic opioid, has reemerged in several Ohio drug cases, an increase that could foreshadow a rise in overdoses, and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is urging caution. 

“Carfentanil is used by veterinarians to tranquilize elephants – this is an extremely powerful opioid that can have devastating effects,” Yost said.Read full story

BBB Scam Alert: Social Media Discount Code Shopping Scam


Recently, BBB Scam Tracker has received multiple reports of an online shopping scam on TikTok. It’s a sneaky one! It starts with a disgruntled employee supposedly seeking revenge and ends with victims ordering hundreds of dollars in phony merchandise.

How the scam works

You come across a TikTok video featuring someone claiming they were recently fired at a high-end jewelry store.

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Brown’s Bipartisan Bill to Protect Hunter Safety Classes Passes the US Senate, Awaits President’s Signature


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Senate last night passed U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown’s bipartisan legislation that would require the Department of Education to overturn their decision to prohibit federal funds from going to hunter safety classes. The legislation now heads to the President’s desk to be signed into law.

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Yost, 25 Other AGs Confront Pornhub’s Parent Company Over Predator Loophole

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — A potential loophole that could let predators share videos of child sex abuse on Pornhub has Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and 25 of his counterparts demanding answers from the company behind the website.

“Without airtight safeguards, a website like this can become a haven for child molesters, rapists, and other abusers,” Yost said.Read full story