Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Mar 23, 2023

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Mar 23, 2023
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

March 20
•A complainant called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and asked that a trailer that was parked along Keys Road be checked out due to being there all day. A Deputy arrived on the scene and determined that the trailer was stolen from a local church. The pastor and a member of the church came to the scene and took the trailer.

•A woman arrived at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office wanting to file a report for harassment. Statements and Information were collected and a report was written.

March 21
•Deputies were transferred a call from a Mt. Vernon area resident about an ex-boyfriend harassing her by telephone. Deputies did make contact with the ex and advised him to quit contacting the complainant or charges would be filed. A report was taken.

•Deputies responded to a non-injury crash on Coshocton Road near Kenyon Road.

•A complainant advised there were several tools taken from his work truck.

March 22
•A complainant called to report that an unknown suspect stole personal items from her purse while she was in an adjacent county. Deputies spoke with her and she requested a report for documentation. A report was completed for documentation.

•A deputy was dispatched to a fraud complaint that arrived at the Sheriff’s Office. Dispatch advised that the complainant was being blackmailed over the Internet. The deputy responded and made contact with the victim/complainant.