BBB Tip: Cybersecurity Resources for Your Home


BBB recommends the sites below to assist with finding resources to make your home more cyber secure.

Family and media
Control With Cable is an initiative of the cable industry to educate parents about online safety and the appropriate use of the Internet by their children. Control With Cable’s “Control, Education, Choice” guidebook teaches parents how to keep their family safe on the Web. 

Entertainment software rating board
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is a nonprofit, self-regulatory body that assigns age and content ratings for video games and mobile apps so parents can make informed choices. As part of its self-regulatory role for the video game industry, the ESRB also enforces industry-adopted advertising guidelines and helps ensure responsible online privacy practices under its Privacy Online program. ESRB has online privacy and security resources for parents, including a family discussion guide, and tips on setting parental controls.

This site is a resource for families to learn how to protect themselves from online danger and create the safest online experience possible. The glossary and kid sites are a resource for parents teaching their children about the Internet.

Internet keep safe (iKeepSafe) coalition
The iKeepSafe Coalition is a partnership of governors and/or first spouses, attorneys general, public health and educational professionals, law enforcement officials, and industry leaders working together for the health and safety of youth online. 

i-SAFE Enterprises
i-SAFE is an Internet safety education nonprofit foundation that educates students on avoiding dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful online behavior.

Net Cetera (Online Safety Guide for Parents)
Net Cetera is an FTC-developed guide that advises parents on discussing online safety with children of all ages. Topics include online socialization and communication, mobile phones, protecting your computer from malware and setting up parental controls.

Savvy Cyber Kids
The mission of Savvy Cyber Kids, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is to teach children safety before they go online. Using traditional learning tools, such as children’s picture books, Savvy Cyber Kids focuses on preparing children to be more cautious online, engraining security awareness and ethics into the minds of preschool-aged children.

Norton Family Resource Center
Provides Internet safety tips, a family online safety guide, and information on cyberbullying and cybercrime.

Symantec Cyber Education page provides information about a range of cybersecurity topics.

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