City Honors Employees for Going Above and Beyond

Inaugural Workforce Development Employee Appreciation Luncheon held

MOUNT VERNON, January 13, 2023 – More than 100 employees for the City of Mount Vernon gathered at the Station Break Senior Center on Jan. 11, 2023 to honor several of their co-workers.

The first Workforce Development Employee Appreciation Luncheon was organized to recognize 30 employees for serving the City for anywhere from five to 30 years, while six Team Member awards were also handed out.

“This was the first time that the City’s employees, representing all the various departments, have come together like this,” said Mayor Matthew Starr.Speaking of the 30 longevity award recipients, Starr noted, “This is not just about attendance, but it marks the time during which these employees have decided to commit themselves to public service, and there’s a nobility in that.”

From left, Mount Vernon Mayor Matthew Starr poses with Team Member of the Year award recipients Joshua Lester, Brittney Whitney, Lacie Blankenhorn, Diane Clippinger and Terry Postle at the City’s Workforce Development Employee Appreciation Luncheon on Jan. 11, 2023 at the Station Break Senior Center. Not pictured is Lee Henthorn.

As for the Team Member winners, “These represent victories in our workforce that the community of Mount Vernon needs to see,” the Mayor said.


Leading up to the luncheon, the City’s workers were asked to participate in a survey nominating team members in six different departments or categories; 109 employees participated in the survey.

The Emergency Services Team Member of the Year, encompassing Police, Fire, EMTs and all emergency personnel, was Joshua Lester. “Whether it be a senior guy to a part-time student, he puts in the same effort,” an anonymous survey respondent wrote in nominating Lester.

The Judicial Team Member, selected from those working within the Municipal Court system, was Brittney Whitney. “She goes above and beyond for victims of crime, particularly victims of domestic violence,” a survey respondent wrote, “…to secure justice for these unique victims and to set a precedent in Knox County.”

“Whenever you call Terry for anything, he figures out a solution and has a great attitude,” a respondent said of Terry Postle, the Public Works Team Member (Parks, Street, Public Buildings and Lands and Cemetery).

Lee Henthorn was named the Public Utilities Team Member of the Year (Water/Wastewater, Billing Office, Metering, Distribution and Collection). “Lee possesses many years’ worth of knowledge and consistently works outside of his responsibilities to help any department in need,” it was said of him.

The City Hall Team Member was Development Services Manager Lacie Blankenhorn. Wrote a survey respondent, “Her knowledge, experience and willingness to take on any role asked of her places her above and beyond most other employees.”
Finally, City employees chose Diane Clippinger of the Tax Department as the VIP Team Member of the Year, because she “sets the example of what it means to work for the great City of Mount Vernon.”

The Employee Appreciation event’s longevity recipients were as follows:
• Five Years – John Alberts, Thomas Brown, Thomas Calland, Jamee Hershberger, Lindsay Hoar, Brayden Kramp, Jennifer Mack and Eric Maggard.
• Ten Years – Aaron Collins, Benjamin Herrod and Christopher Roddy.
• Fifteen Years – Joy Clinger, Nick Cockrell, Tony DeIuliis, Chad Elser, Patrick Hornsby, Bryan Kramp, Joshua Lester, Kevin Lisbon, Jared McCann and Trevor Williams.
• Twenty Years – Andrew Burns, Robert Stribling and Duane VanHorn.
• Twenty-Five Years – Terry Davis, Beth Marti, Patricia McCann and Tim Rose.
• Thirty Years – Jerry Clinger and Eric Rutter.
The City’s Workforce Development Committee members are Mayor Starr, Lisa Mazza, Tricia Mullins, Kristi Goldner, Tom Hinkle, Scott McKnight, Patrick Hornsby and Denise Johnson.