Governor Signs Five Executive Orders Within Minutes of Taking Oath of Office

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signing executive orders on January 8, 2023.

(CEDARVILLE, Ohio) – January 8, 2023 – Within minutes of taking the official oath of office for his second term, Governor Mike DeWine issued the following Executive Orders:

2023-01D to add “status as a nursing mother” to the antidiscrimination in state government policy.

2023-02D to establish a youth mentorship program for state employees.

2023-03D to prohibit the use of certain foreign-owned applications, platforms, and websites on state owned or leased electronic devices.

2023-04D to create the Ohio Mental Health Insurance Office in the Ohio Department of Insurance to ensure compliance and to develop best practice standards for providing mental health and addiction insurance benefits.

2023-05D to address critical educational and training needs to support continued economic development across Ohio through a dynamically skilled, productive, and purposeful workforce.

Governor DeWine’s ceremonial swearing in will take place Monday, January 9th at noon and can be viewed on the Ohio Channel.