Notice of Special Civil Service Commission Meeting

Public Meeting

The Municipal Civil Service Commission of the City of Mount Vernon, Ohio will conduct a meeting on Jan. 11, 2023 at 1-2 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall to consider the following items:


Approval of new job description #327 Wastewater Superintendent
Approval of new job description # 211 Utility Administration Manager
Approval of new job description #116 Engineering Technician III (GIS)


Adjustments to “Essential Functions” & “Required Knowledge” in JD #102 (N) Public Utility Tech. 1
Adjustments to “Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & “Minimum Acceptable Education” (etc.) in JD #103(N) Public Utility Tech II


Motion to adjust all city job descriptions to comply with ORC 124.11 regarding “Classified” or “Unclassified” status.
Motion to change/adjust wording “CDL requirement within probationary period” (6 months) to 12 months in any city job description with that requirement.


Discussion MAY be held (time permitting) regarding the use of evaluation “points” in addition to seniority points in promotional testing situations per OAC 123: 1-23-02 (B) and creation of Civil Service hiring lists per quarter.


The meeting will be held to discuss the above items.


Tony De Iuliis, Civil Service Administrator