Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost’s Statement on George Wagner IV’s Guilty Verdicts


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – November 30, 2022 – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost issued the following statement regarding George Wagner IV’s case in Pike County following this evening’s guilty verdicts:

This case was a test of BCI’s abilities, and BCI passed it with flying colors,” Yost said. “Today’s jury verdict puts the stamp of approval on the bureau’s work.

“I am grateful for the untold hours, days and weeks that our investigators and forensic scientists dedicated to this case – it reinforces the team’s dogged determination to secure justice for the victims and their families.”

Hear more from the AG: 

“Justice shouldn’t depend on how much money your local community has…”

“It is our job to provide local law enforcement with the staff, the equipment, the science, the expertise and the other resources needed to solve a crime this complex…”

“Human beings have a fundamental need to see wrongdoing punished, to know that balance is restored, and to trust that good will defeat evil…”