All You Need to Know About Cycling in the Knox County area


We all know how much cycling can do for both our physical and mental health. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, or are just getting to grips with traveling on two wheels, everyone can enjoy the benefits. In Ohio, there has been a huge statewide drive in improving both safety and participation in cycling, with the extension of bike lanes and safety initiatives helping more people to get out on their bikes. If you live in and around the Knox County area, here’s all you need to know about exploring the beautiful county by bike.

Where to ride

Looking for the best places to go cycling in Knox County? You’re in luck – there are plenty of great routes to choose from, no matter what your fitness level or cycling experience.


With its rolling hills and scenic views, the county is a cyclists paradise. There are plenty of routes to choose from, so you can find one that’s perfect for your level of fitness. And if you’re looking for a little extra challenge, you can always head out on the off-road trails. Just be sure to bring your camera, because you’re sure to want to capture the beautiful scenery. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, you’ll find that Knox County is the perfect place to get your wheels turning.

The Heart of Ohio Trail

The Heart of Ohio Trail is one of the most popular routes for both cyclists and hikers. The gentle waters of the Dry Creek provide the soundtrack as you cycle along the smooth asphalt path. There are 19 bridges in total to negotiate along the near-20-mile route. It truly showcases the very best of Knox County’s natural beauty, so be sure to add the Heart of Ohio Trail to your cycling bucket list.

Kokosing Gap Trail

Another great route in the area is the Kokosing Gap Trail. The 14-mile paved track takes riders from Mount Vernon to the village of Danville, following a former railroad line. Along the way, you’ll pass through various landscapes, from forests to villages, and cross twice over the Kokosing River. When tackling the trail, local rules dictate that you must keep to the right unless you’re overtaking someone, and keep any pets on a leash if you do decide to take a furry friend along for the ride.

Local schemes

With funding from the Ohio Department of Health, local authorities have devised a Bike Lending Program, which allows local residents to borrow a bike free of charge. This gives more people the chance to explore the miles of stunning trails in and around the area. The bikes come fully equipped with helmets, locks and bells, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be safe on the saddle. The program is designed to encourage more people to get into cycling, whilst also making it easier to explore different parts of the county they otherwise may not have access to.


As well as tackling the trails, many cyclists also choose to ride on the roads. If you do so, it’s important to be aware of certain safety recommendations to help keep yourself and other road users safe. Ensure you invest in the necessary safety equipment, and wear reflective clothing when cycling at night to help drivers spot you on the roads.

Cycling in the county

Knox County is a great place to ride a bike with its many scenic routes and parks. No matter whether you’re cycling on the roads or in the county’s green spaces, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local laws to keep you safe on two wheels. It’s also good practice to always check your bike before each ride to make sure it is in good working order. Finally, be courteous to other cyclists and pedestrians and yield the right-of-way when appropriate. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that your next ride in Knox County is safe and enjoyable.


Author bio: Roger Smart

Roger is a digital consultant specializing in content development. In his spare time, he loves exploring new bike routes with his family, and regularly meets up with his local cycling group.