Schneider Convicted of Drug Charges at Trial

Brian N. Schneider, 44, of Mount Vernon, was convicted of six drug-related charges at a Knox County jury trial on Wednesday. He was convicted of trafficking and possession of methamphetamine, both second-degree felonies, trafficking and possession of heroin, both third-degree felonies, and two related misdemeanors.
The jury rejected Schneider’s defense that the other occupant of the vehicle was responsible for all of the drug items. (A digital scale with heroin residue was found in the pocket of a hoodie found at the scene. Schneider had admitted that the hoodie belonged to him.)
The investigation was conducted by KCSO and MVPD officers, led by KCSO Det. Terry Wolfe. The case was presented by Assistant Prosecutor Nicole Derr. Sentencing is set for December 15.
Information courtesy of the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office