Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Oct 28, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Oct 28, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

October 21
An employee with the East Knox School District notified a Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputy assigned to the school that a vandalism had occurred on school grounds the previous night. Photographs were taken
and video surveillance was reviewed and this matter is currently being investigated.

October 26
Deputies responded to a call regarding a deer that was struck by a vehicle. Deputies arrived at the call location on Coshocton Road. The deer was dispatched and a report was filed to document the incident.

A deputy received a typed letter from a resident at on East Wiggin Street concerning harassment. After reading the contents of the letter, contact was made with both involved parties.

A complainant called the Sheriff’s Office to report a theft. A report was taken.

A complainant stated that 2 unknown individuals took 2 cases of Twisted Tea from the store without paying on Saturday 10/22/22 between 2200 hrs and 2205 hrs.

A complainant reported that sometime in the last week person(s) unknown removed a piece of equipment from his farm.

October 27
Deputies responded to a residence on Old Delaware Road on a civil matter. A report was generated due to a possible trespassing issue.

A victim/complainant called and reported that her soon-to-be ex-husband violated a protection order by showing up at the residence while she was there. Deputies responded and made contact with the victim/complainant who completed a written statement. Deputies made contact with the male and he was arrested for violating the protection order. He was transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.

A complainant called and reported a disturbance in reference to a civil issue that was reported earlier in the shift. Deputies responded and made contact with all parties. It was determined to be a civil matter but a report was taken to document the verbal altercation.

Deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant for a male at a residence on New Delaware Road. Deputies made contact and placed the male under arrest and transported him to the Knox County Jail.

Deputies handled a call regarding identity theft. The complainant filled out a statement form and brought in documents regarding the incident. The complainant was informed a report has been filed to document the incident.

A motorist was eastbound on Coshocton Road when 2 deer ran onto the roadway and struck the motorist’s vehicle.

October 28
Deputies responded to a deer crash on Newark Road. The airbags deployed and the vehicle had to be towed from the scene.