City Invites Residents to Take Zoning Code Survey

Feedback sought as City undertakes audit to update its zoning regulations

MOUNT VERNON, October 21, 2022 – The City of Mount Vernon has embarked on a process to modernize its planning, zoning and subdivision regulations to ensure that it is ready to welcome and accommodate strategic growth that meets the goals of the City and its residents.

As part of this process, the City is working with a zoning consultant to assess the need for changes to its existing zoning code. It’s also seeking input on how residents and business owners would like those regulations revised to address their ongoing needs and concerns and is asking the public to take a survey to share their thoughts about suggested revisions and any other significant issues or concerns. The survey, which only takes a few minutes to complete, can be found at this link.

The City’s zoning code ordinances are the tools the City uses to establish how land can be used, the types of housing and businesses allowed, density of development, as well as site design elements such as signage, landscaping, architecture, parking, and access.

The audit intends to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the existing regulations in terms of usability, organization, and substantive standards, and provide options for improvement. It also includes a proposed outline for a reorganized zoning code to improve usability by staff, residents, business owners, and City officials.

The zoning code audit can be found on the City’s website at