ODA Seeks Qualifying Financial Management Programs for new Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program

Food and agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is committed to helping new farmers forge a path to success. 

ODA is in the process of creating a new Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Program and is seeking qualifying financial management courses for farmers to take as part of the program. The Request for Proposals (RFP) will be open Oct. 17-Nov. 14.

A qualifying financial management course must be a minimum of 10 hours and should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Enterprise Budgets
  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Cash-Flow Statements
  • Other Financial Statements
  • Cost of Production Statements
  • Farm Business Structures
  • Farm Financial Analysis
  • Farm Liability and Insurance
  • Farm Taxes
  • Legal Instruments used for Farm Financing
  • Record Keeping
  • Managing Family and Farm Income and Expenses

Interested beginning farmers who complete a qualifying financial management program are responsible for the cost but are eligible for a non-refundable tax credit upon certification as a beginning farmer by ODA.
The proposal should focus on the vendor’s ability to provide the services outlined in the attached document. Vendors must provide the following:

  1. Cover Letter – a letter signed by an officer of the institution or program instructor. Include a primary contact person for the proposal.
  2. Detailed program description, including the following:
  • A detailed description of course objectives, length of program availability (when/where)
  • In-person, virtual or hybrid instruction
  • Program agenda or syllabus
  • Institution and instructor contact information
  • Description of program instructor qualifications
  • Cost of the financial management program
  • Procedures for verifying attendance and completion of the program
  • An example of a completion certificate

For complete instructions, please refer to the attached document.

Please send written proposals to: Ohio Department of Agriculture, Attn: Sarah Huffman, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068, or email Sarah.Huffman@agri.ohio.gov


RFP.docx | 33 KB

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Agriculture