Grippo Foods Issues Voluntary Recall of Grippo’s Bar-B-Q Potato Chips

Cincinnati, Ohio (October 14, 2022)-Grippo Foods, Inc is issuing a voluntary recall of its Bar-B-Q Flavored Potato Chips sold in a 24ct Snack Pack. The packages have a ‘Use By’ date of Jan 16, 2023. The product codes will fall between:

  • 35 3 1011 20:20 and 35 3 1011 22:00 or
  • 14 3 1012 22:01 and 14 3 1012 02:00

The products included in this recall have the potential to be adulterated because of improper cleaning procedures. Thirty-nine of the 260 boxes produced are unaccounted for.

These products were distributed in Cincinnati, OH.

No reports of illness involving these products have been reported. Individuals exhibiting signs or symptoms of foodborne illness should contact a physician.

All product involved in this recall can be returned to Grippo Foods, Inc, 6750 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45239. Customers or suppliers with any questions or concerns can contact the company at 513-923-1900 or

Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Agriculture