New Signs for Heart of Ohio Trail

Exciting news to share regarding improvements to the Heart of Ohio Trail. Recently, the Trail Board received a matching grant from Ariel Foundation. This grant funding is being utilized toward the upgrade and replacement of trail identity, wayfinding, and safety signs on the Heart of Ohio Trail.
The board recently shared their progress report indicating 230 signs were purchased which includes 42 crossroad Heart of Ohio Trail identity signs, 86 crossroad stop and stop ahead safety signs, 86 crossroad no horses and no motorized vehicles signs and 8 trailhead trail wayfindings signs and 8 trailhead rules signs.
Other progress, is the replacement of trail crossroad signs starting at the southern trail terminus and heading north toward Mount Vernon.
  • The installation of trailhead signs including trail rules and wayfinding signs will occur after crossroad signs are in place.
  • The remainder of the grant funds and trail matching funds are being used to replace defective signposts and purchase new trailhead signposts, and purchase hardware, materials, and supplies to install signs.
  • The trail expects to complete this project by the end of November at the latest.
The Heart of Ohio Trail Board greatly appreciates the support of the Ariel Foundation in making this project a reality. The new signage looks very professional and will be very helpful in knowing the distance from various trailheads. Heart of Ohio Trail
Information courtesy of the Knox County Park District