Team Members Needed for the American Red Cross in KNOX COUNTY


Team Members needed for the American Red Cross in KNOX COUNTY to serve on a Disaster Action Team as a worker on a DAT Response to provide 24-hour immediate support and assistance to individuals and families who have been impacted by a Home Fire or other Local Disaster. 



Respond to local disasters within two hours. Attend regularly scheduled team/DAT meetings. Commit to being available during assigned shifts. 



Remain current with all required training. Respond reliably when on call. Access to technology (smartphone and laptop or computer). Able to endure challenging and stressful conditions such as poor air quality, uneven ground, adverse weather. Must have a driver’s license or a reliable way to get to the scene daytime or at night. 


Ability to:

Stand/sit for 2 hours, walk for two miles, climb two or more flights of stairs. 




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