Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Aug 27- 29, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Aug 27- 29, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

August 26
An individual was causing a disturbance while intoxicated at the Dollar General in Amity. The male also was making suicidal statements and then brandished a handgun, pointing it at his head before he left the parking lot. He drove back to his residence north on Wooster Road. Deputies and a Mount Vernon Police Officer located the male at his truck. He was arrested for OVI and having weapons under disability. Two firearms were recovered from the truck, one of which was loaded. He was transported to the Knox County Jail.

Deputies were dispatched to Granville Road on an injury accident. The driver was traveling southbound on Granville Road. The driver stated he got distracted by something out of his passenger window and went off the road. The driver struck a mailbox and then a Calvert. The driver was transported to Knox Community Hospital with non-life threatening

A complainant called to report that someone had removed several property line stakes that he had surveyed and wished to have it documented that they were removed.

A complainant advised his four-wheeler was stolen within the past couple of weeks from his neighbor’s property. A report was taken on the complainant’s behalf and the vehicle was entered into L.E.A.D.S. (Law Enforcement Automated Data System) as stolen.

A complainant advised a female had jumped out onto the roadway and struck her vehicle while it was in transit. The female was located and transported to Knox Community Hospital. The female was also Pink Slipped for a mental health evaluation.

A complainant called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report items stolen from their house; a report was filed.

August 27
While assisting with the investigation of another OVI crash, a suspect proceeded to drive past a marked Sheriff’s Cruiser with its lights on and blocking the lane of travel and struck a downed power line. The suspect was stopped and given the opportunity to perform field sobriety testing. The suspect was placed under arrest for OVI and transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies observed a vehicle that had just been involved in an accident on Mount Gilead Road after striking an electric pole. After an investigation, the driver was subsequenly arrested for operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Hampshire Road on a possible domestic violence. Deputies were able to make contact with both individuals involved and after further investigation, a male individual was placed under arrest and transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.

Deputies were dispatched to Cleveland Avenue on a potential drug overdose. A complainant stated her daughter was not breathing and started CPR. Medics arrived and transported the daughter to the hospital. Nothing further at this time.

A victim/complainant came to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report an assault that occurred on August 26, 2022. A deputy spoke with the victim/complainant and he advised that a subject confronted him in the parking lot of a business and struck him in the face.

A complainant called the Knox County Sheriff’s Office to report that a cash box with approximately $15.00 in it was stolen from their roadside sweet corn stand on Waterford Road. A report was filed to document the incident.

A complainant called the Sheriff’s Office to report that her tenants are removing property during their moving out, that does not belong to them. A report was taken.

August 28
A Deputy was dispatched to Kenyon Collage on a report of the theft of a catalytic converter and backpack from a vehicle.

August 29
A deputy was dispatched to the area of Old Delaware Road near Cochran Road on a vehicle crash involving a deer. Statements and photographs were collected on scene and a report was written.

Deputies responded to a call regarding suicidal thoughts. Deputies arrived at the address located on Columbus Road and spoke with the complainant. The complainant was transported to the hospital by medics and the call was cleared.

A deputy was dispatched to Apple Valley on a suspected burglary. A complainant stated that she heard a noise on her back porch Friday night 8/26/2022. The complainant stated today while cleaning she saw that her door frame had been bent. The complainant also stated that no one had entered her residence and nothing was taken. Pictures were taken of the damage and a report was taken. Nothing further at this time.

A deputy was dispatched to Jelloway Road on a deer that was in a ditch that needed to be dispatched. A deputy located the deer and the animal was dispatched. Nothing further