Governor DeWine Announces Recommendations for Post-Release Control Supervision in Ohio

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – July 29, 2022 – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced that he has directed the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) to implement new recommendations to improve the post-release control supervision of former prison inmates in halfway houses and other community corrections programs.

The recommendations, which are part of a new report issued today by the Governor’s Working Group on Post-Release Control, include suggested improvements to the role and use of halfway houses for those on post-release control and address the impact of Ohio’s Truth in Sentencing Law on the state prison system and community supervision.

“These additional recommendations will carry us forward as we continue to refine and improve the framework for post-release control,” said Governor DeWine. “Implementing these recommendations is another solid step in the right direction to ensure that former inmates have the appropriate level of supervision to help them get back on their feet while also reducing the likelihood of recidivism and protecting the community.”

In response to the recommendations, ODRC’s Adult Parole Authority and Bureau of Community Sanctions are collaborating with the Ohio Community Corrections Association (OCCA) to ensure that routine and ongoing communication is taking place with halfway houses. They will also work to better ensure that halfway houses are providing programmatic services that meet the needs of the current post-release control population, particularly those who are higher-risk individuals released from high-security prisons after serving their full sentences. The team will additionally work to explore innovative ways to serve individuals who are not appropriate for halfway-house settings but who need residential services when released to post-release control. 

ODRC and OCCA are also working with the University of Cincinnati to evaluate halfway houses and other community corrections programs to identify opportunities for improvements in their operations. 

A total of six recommendations were made in the report that reflect the consensus of the working group’s study, discussion, and debate on how to further improve to Ohio’s post-release control supervision system.

Governor DeWine established the Governor’s Working Group on Post-Release Control in 2019, and the group published 11 initial recommendations the following year that address areas such as improved GPS monitoring and data sharing, the reduction of caseloads for Ohio’s parole officers, and the use of risk assessments. Today’s new report also provides updates on ODRC’s progress on these prior recommendations. 


Information courtesy of the Governor of Ohio