Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jul 27, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jul 27, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

July 26
Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to an active fight at the Knox County Fairgrounds. Deputies investigated and collected witness statements and video evidence. A juvenile suspect was subsequently arrested and transported to juvenile detention.

A complainant contacted Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding their tires being slashed. A deputy made contact and a report was taken.

A complainant contacted Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding found property.

A complainant advised someone used her personal information to file for unemployment. She contacted Experian or Equifax and was directed to contact the state Attorney General’s Office.

Kerie Watson reported to Riverside Recovery to see Knox County Court of Common Pleas Probation Officer Stover. Kerie had an active warrant out of Pennsylvania that was a good pickup. Kerie was arrested on the warrant and transported to Knox County Jail.

July 27
The Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the Mount Vernon Police Department assisted the Utica Police Department and the Licking County Sheriff’s Office in the pursuit and apprehension of a suspect that fled from Utica Police Officers. The pursuit began in Licking County and entered into Knox County, and continued in Knox County for approximately 20 minutes. A Knox County sergeant and a Mount Vernon Patrolman were able to successfully deploy their stop sticks at the Licking/Knox County line on State Route 661. The suspect continued back into Licking County where he finally crashed out on State Route 661 south of US Route 62. The suspect was transported to the hospital from the scene for medical care.