Governor DeWine Announces State Support for the Rehabilitation of 38 Historic Buildings

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)— Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced today that the state will aid in the rehabilitation of 38 historic buildings by offering nearly $40 million in tax credits as part of the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program.

In total, the Ohio Department of Development is awarding $39,874,792 in Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credits for rehabilitation projects in 19 communities located in 16 counties.

“Preserving historic buildings is one tool we can use to build vibrant downtowns and create opportunity on our main streets throughout the state,” said Governor DeWine. “These projects are just one piece of the larger picture to transform our communities and create even more exceptional places to live and visit.”

The awards will assist private developers in rehabilitating historic buildings in downtowns and neighborhoods, many of which are currently vacant and generating little economic activity. Once rehabilitated, these historic buildings will drive further investment and interest in adjacent property.

“Historic tax credits create value for communities by attracting investment that would not make sense otherwise,” said Lt Governor Jon Husted. “Almost every legacy city in Ohio has a great old building that they wish someone would revitalize because it’s important to the community’s history and future—Historic Tax Credits make this hope a reality.”

Developers are not issued the tax credit until project construction is complete and all program requirements are verified. Together, the projects are expected to leverage approximately $564 million in private investments.

“Once restored, these sites are often crown jewels for communities,” said Lydia Mihalik, director of Development. “We are proud to be part of the transformation and preservation of these unique spaces that will remain in our communities for years to come.”

The Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program is administered in partnership with the Ohio History Connection’s State Historic Preservation Office. The State Historic Preservation Office determines if a property qualifies as a historic building and that the rehabilitation plans comply with the United States Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Projects receiving a tax credit as part of this 28th round of the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program are listed below. Project summaries were compiled by the Ohio Department of Development, and all questions related to specific projects should be directed to Public Information Officer Megan Nagy at

Central Ohio

Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railroad Depot (Delaware, Delaware)
Total Project Cost:  $2,217,633
Total Tax Credit:  $243,000
Address: 60 Lake St.

The 1887 Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis (CCC&I) Railroad depot is a brick building east of downtown Delaware. Last used by the railroad in 1950, the depot has been vacant for a number of years. The building still retains many of its character-defining features from its railroad days on the interior and exterior including doors and windows, beadboard walls and ceilings, and wood floors and trim as well as the configuration of spaces from its use as a depot. After rehabilitation, the building will house a bar, restaurant, and brewery operation.


Ohio Bell Southwestern Headquarters Building (Columbus, Franklin)
Total Project Cost:  $89,011,195
Total Tax Credit:  $5,000,000
Address: 150 E. Gay St.

The Ohio Bell Southwestern HQ building in downtown Columbus was constructed to house offices for the company. The building continued use as office space until a few years ago. The vacant building will be reactivated as 336 studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments with commercial space on the first floor and mezzanine. The rehabilitation project will retain historic features such as original windows and quartzite wall cladding on the interior.


Wholesale Grocer (Marion, Marion)
Total Project Cost:  $1,414,435
Total Tax Credit:  $250,000
Address: 172 S. Main St.

Marion’s first historic tax credit project, the Wholesale Grocer building is located in their newly designated downtown historic district and overlooks Founder’s Park. Originally a warehouse, storefronts were added later, and apartments filled the second and third floors. After rehabilitation, the building will house five apartments with a winery on the ground floor in addition to two other commercial spaces.

Northeast Ohio

  1. Schrader’s Son of Ohio Warehouse (Akron, Summit)
    Total Project Cost:  $2,621,717
    Total Tax Credit:  $250,000
    Address: 711 Johnston St.

This project is the second half of an effort to rehabilitate the former Schrader Warehouse to a new use as a self-storage facility. The first half was funded in Round 26. Built in the 1920s, the warehouse originally served the company that played a role in Akron’s tire industry and known for the Schrader Valve still used today in vehicle and bicycle tires. Original historic windows, hallmark of the daylight factory architectural style, will be repaired and retained and interior historic features such as concrete columns will be preserved.


Dixon Building (Elyria, Lorain)
Total Project Cost:  $36,420,749
Total Tax Credit:  $2,000,000
Address: 401-415 Broad St., 417-425 Broad St., 9 Kersetter Way, 100 Washington Ave., 371-381 Broad St.

Elyria’s first historic tax credit project, the Dixon Building sits facing Ely Park, the center of downtown. In addition, the project also includes the adjacent Robinson building and a new apartment/commercial building that will be built in the next block. The Italianate-style building, constructed in 1873, will become home to a unique e-sports facility that will include arena space, offices, studios, and classrooms. In the new building, there will be 51 apartments over a first-floor wine bar.


First National Bank Building (Canton, Stark)
Total Project Cost:  $5,713,300
Total Tax Credit:  $1,120,250
Address: 101 Central Plaza South

Situated at a prominent corner in downtown Canton, the First National Bank Building was built in 1924. Designed by Frank L. Packard, the project focuses on the rehabilitation of select interior spaces including the historic banking hall. A few floors of the building still retain tenants and those floors were excluded from the scope of this project. After completion, the upper floors will be ready for new office tenants while the ground floor will be prepared for a restaurant tenant.


Homestead Theatre Block (Lakewood, Cuyahoga)
Total Project Cost:  $93,399,267
Total Tax Credit:  $5,000,000
Address: 11794-11816 Detroit Ave.

This project in downtown Lakewood will rehabilitate the former Homestead Theatre Block, numerous commercial spaces, as well as add a new construction apartment building across the street that will hold 212 residential units. An adjacent non-historic building will also be rehabilitated as part of the project. Blocked-in storefronts will be reopened, building systems will be upgraded, a new roof installed, as well as repair to historic finishes. When complete, this project will house a variety of restaurant and entertainment venues, offices, service providers, studio spaces, and spaces for sports.


Hoover West Factory Complex (North Canton, Stark)
Total Project Cost:  $89,190,068
Total Tax Credit:  $5,000,000
Address: 101 E. Maple St.

The massive Hoover Factory Complex in North Canton includes the west portion, which is the scope of this award, and the east portion, a previously rehabilitated commercial development. Most of the project scope will encompass residential use with 226 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. A small part of the scope will include commercial space. The complex is recognized for its iconic “HOOVER” sign on the tall smokestack.


Lakewood Board of Education (Lakewood, Cuyahoga)
Total Project Cost:  $2,271,000
Total Tax Credit:  $225,000
Address: 1456 Warren Rd.

The Lakewood Board of Education building was constructed over many phases starting with the first part in 1879 and was used for schools until the 1950s when it began its use as administration offices for the district. The district offices moved out in 2019 and the building has been vacant since then. This project scope is limited to one portion of the larger complex. Once rehabilitated, there will be an office tenant on the first floor and three apartments on the second floor.


Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School (Cleveland, Cuyahoga)
Total Project Cost:  $24,564,179
Total Tax Credit:  $2,000,000
Address: 3575 W. 130th St.

Located on the west side of Cleveland, the Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School dates to the first part of the 20th century. The building was in use as a public school from the time of construction until it was vacated by the school district. Extensive original historic fabric remains including flooring, floor plan, gym and auditorium, blackboards, cupboards, and cloakrooms. Thirty-six apartments will be constructed in the historic school while 57 additional units will be constructed elsewhere on the property.


North Hall (Berea, Cuyahoga)
Total Project Cost:  $18,400,026
Total Tax Credit:  $1,818,750
Address: 309 Beech St.

North Hall is a residence hall on the campus of Baldwin Wallace University. Completed in 1958, the building helps to tell the story of increased college enrollment in the post-WW2 era. The building, now vacant while it awaits rehabilitation, will house 65 residential units as well as common spaces and the project will upgrade the building’s systems and ADA accessibility.


Riddle Block (Ravenna, Portage)
Total Project Cost:  $1,586,808
Total Tax Credit:  $250,000
Address: 200 W. Main St.

Only the second project in Ravenna to be awarded historic tax credits, the Riddle Block 9 is a four-story mixed-use building on a prominent downtown corner. The building has commercial spaces on the first floor, offices on the second, and apartments on the third and fourth floors. Currently, only a few of these spaces are in use. After the rehab, there will be 20 apartments with two set aside for short-term rentals. Remaining historic storefront elements will be repaired and retained, as will pressed metal ceiling tiles in the retail spaces and an interior atrium will be repaired.


St. Michael School (Cleveland, Cuyahoga)
Total Project Cost:  $13,859,632
Total Tax Credit:  $1,360,000
Address: 3146 Scranton Rd.

Designed in an elaborate Victorian Gothic style, the St. Michael School served school children from 1906 until 2003. After that, the building was home to non-profit offices for several years until it became vacant in 2017. Suffering from water and mold damage, the building will be rehabilitated as 34 affordable senior apartments. The auditorium/gym space will be retained, and the distinctive clay tile roof will be repaired.

Northwest Ohio

111 W. Main Street (Van Wert, Van Wert)
Total Project Cost:  $1,870,123
Total Tax Credit:  $185,000
Address: 111 W. Main St.

This stand-alone project is part of the larger redevelopment project underway in Van Wert including two other projects funded this round, and others funded in previous rounds. The storefront retains original cast iron elements that will be repaired and retained and the plywood covering the transoms will be removed. Once rehabilitated, the building will house one commercial space and two upstairs apartments.


135 E. Main Street (Van Wert, Van Wert)
Total Project Cost:  $1,772,007
Total Tax Credit:  $175,000
Address: 135 E. Main St.

Another piece of the larger downtown Van Wert revitalization effort, the project at 135 E. Main Street will bring back two ground-floor retail spaces plus two apartments above. On the exterior, the historic windows, cornice, and lintels will be repaired and retained while on the interior remaining historic fabric such as wood trim, doors, and floors will be repaired during the rehabilitation project.


Barber Farris Produce Warehouse (Toledo, Lucas)
Total Project Cost:  $8,317,126
Total Tax Credit:  $823,396
Address: 144 S. Huron St./602-610 Market St.

Vacant for more than 15 years, this building in Toledo’s historic produce district was built to serve various wholesale fruit and vegetable companies. After rehabilitation, the building will house eight new apartments plus five commercial tenants on the ground floor including a bar, restaurant, retail, and offices. On the exterior, new storefronts will be installed along with windows and brick repair. On the inside, original features will remain such as a stairway, wood floors, and wood-paneled ceilings.


Craft Master Building (Toledo, Lucas)
Total Project Cost:  $2,079,342
Total Tax Credit:  $250,000
Address: 328 N. Westwood Ave.

The Craft Master Building was constructed in 1946 as office and warehouse space and was once occupied by the Craft Master Paint-by-Number company. Additions were added in the 1950s and 1960s and are included in this project’s scope. A 1970s addition is not included. Vacant since 2001, the building will be redeveloped to again serve office, warehouse, and light manufacturing tenants. The building’s roof was neglected, and the interior suffered water damage. In the rehabilitation, this damage will be repaired, and a new roof will be installed.


Schine State Theatre (Sandusky, Erie)
Total Project Cost:  $22,808,106
Total Tax Credit:  $2,000,000
Address: 107 Columbus Ave.

The Schine State Theatre in downtown Sandusky has been continuously serving the community since its construction in 1928. Damage to the roof and walls from a storm in 2020 caused the theatre to close and undertake the rehabilitation project. The stagehouse will be reconstructed to match the original that was destroyed, and the theatre’s audience chamber will undergo a thorough restoration. The applicant anticipates serving over 50,000 patrons per year once the project is complete, having a significant local economic and cultural impact.


Van Wert Forward II (Van Wert, Van Wert)
Total Project Cost:  $12,213,210
Total Tax Credit:  $1,200,000
Address: 101-107 W. Main St., 147 E. Main St., 223 E. Main St.

This project is comprised of four historic mixed-use buildings in downtown Van Wert and is part of a larger revitalization effort that includes projects funded in previous rounds. Nearly 30,000 square feet of commercial space will be rehabilitated, and 13 apartments will be made available for new residents. Currently, only 5% of the spaces are occupied and the reactivation of these buildings will contribute to the ongoing transformation of downtown Van Wert.


Southeast Ohio

Black Diamond Development (Shawnee, Perry)
Total Project Cost:  $2,637,170
Total Tax Credit:  $250,000
Address: 106 and 126 W. Main St.

The first project to apply in Shawnee, this application includes two main street commercial buildings in Shawnee’s historic district. One of these buildings, dating to the 1890s was historically a mixed-use commercial building and will house a bar/restaurant plus two apartments upstairs. The other building is partially occupied currently with a vacation rental unit, but plans call for two more of those units to be finished on the upper level and the first floor will be renovated for commercial use. These buildings are the first of several that will be redeveloped in support of Shawnee’s growth as a tourism destination.


City Electric Light Plant (Marietta, Washington)
Total Project Cost:  $1,469,735
Total Tax Credit:  $146,800
Address: 201 Front St.

This building in downtown Marietta was built in 1900 as the City Electric Light Plant and it also had office space used as police headquarters and a printing operation. Over time, the space was occupied by the Chamber of Commerce before the current owners, the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local Union 168, moved in over 50 years ago. The current owners will be rehabilitating the building to more effectively meet their contemporary needs while retaining the building’s historic character.

Southwest Ohio

201-203 Henry St./1925-1927 Elm St. (Cincinnati, Hamilton)
Total Project Cost:  $2,732,124
Total Tax Credit:  $249,999
Address: 201-203 Henry St./1925-1927 Elm St.

One of a pair of adjacent projects by the same developer-funded this round, this project includes an 1854 building and will include a new construction component. This building will hold 14 one-bedroom apartments after sitting vacant for more than 10 years. Originally a mixed-use building, the structure helps to tell the story of the dense urban neighborhood where it is located and its changing population.


205-207 Henry Street (Cincinnati, Hamilton)
Total Project Cost:  $2,524,570
Total Tax Credit:  $249,999
Address: 205-207 Henry St.

The other building of the Henry Street projects, this project includes an 1850 mixed-use building in the area near Findlay Market. After serving as commercial and residential space for over 150 years, the building sits vacant. Rehabilitation plans call for six apartments as well as a new construction component. An unfortunate insensitive rehab in the 1970s stripped the building of most of its historic fabric, but remaining features will be repaired and retained while new compatible finishes will be installed.


1007 Dayton Street (Cincinnati, Hamilton)
Total Project Cost:  $1,526,299
Total Tax Credit:  $250,000
Address: 1007 Dayton St.

This project is located in Cincinnati’s Dayton Street Historic District and includes two adjacent buildings. The buildings have been vacant for a number of years after serving mixed commercial and residential uses since around 1860. A coffee shop is planned for the commercial space and nine apartments will be reactivated in the buildings. Inside, historic features like wood trim, mantels, and pressed metal ceilings will be repaired and retained.


Findlay Exchange (Cincinnati, Hamilton)
Total Project Cost:  $15,284,523
Total Tax Credit:  $1,200,000
Address: 112-116 W. Elder St., 1829 Logan St.

This project encompasses three historic buildings and one newly constructed building near Findlay Market. It is part of a larger effort by the developer to revitalize a number of buildings in this area of Over the Rhine. When complete, the buildings will hold 48 apartments and have three ground-floor commercial spaces. Exterior historic features such as cast-iron storefronts and cornices will be repaired and retained.


Middletown Building and Deposit Association (Middletown, Butler)
Total Project Cost:  $7,190,695
Total Tax Credit:  $711,950
Address: 11 S. Main St.

This former bank and office tower in downtown Middletown has been vacant for many years. Built in 1930, the Art Deco building is one of the city’s important landmarks. Much of the historic architectural features remain in the banking hall on the first floor and distinctive exterior features such as ornamental metalwork, lighting, and stonework will be repaired and retained. Once complete, the building will hold 21 apartments on floors two to seven with office space on the first floor.


Ophthalmic Hospital (Cincinnati, Hamilton)
Total Project Cost:  $12,506,218
Total Tax Credit:  $1,244,400
Address: 208-214 W. 12th St., 216 W. 12th St., and 218 W. 12th St.

Situated just west of Washington Park, the Ophthalmic Hospital project includes three adjacent buildings that will be rehabilitated into 29 apartments and a bar/restaurant on the ground floor. One of the buildings originally served as a hospital for the treatment of eye diseases, one was built as an apartment building, and the smallest and oldest of the three was built for residential use in 1870. Each building was extensively modified on the interior as they were converted to apartments in the 1970s, so minimal historic fabric remains.


Robert Mitchell Furniture Company (Cincinnati, Hamilton)
Total Project Cost:  $14,354,608
Total Tax Credit:  $1,421,248
Address: 612-628 Race St.

This project will rehabilitate two buildings in downtown Cincinnati into 35 new apartments and three commercial spaces on the ground floor. In the 1950s, the façade was modernized with a brick veneer that concealed buildings from the 1870s and 1880s. This veneer has been removed, the façade will be repaired, and new windows will be installed in the historic openings. On the inside, the circulation will be connected on the second floor so that the residential spaces will function as a unified area.


United Brethren Building (Dayton, Montgomery)
Total Project Cost:  $74,310,668
Total Tax Credit:  $5,000,000
Address: 40 S. Main St.

The United Brethren Publishing House is a 21-story building constructed in stages in downtown Dayton between 1903 and 1924. Over the years the building was home to a variety of commercial and office tenants before becoming vacant more than 10 years ago. The upper floors still retain many interior historic features that will be retained as the project is revitalized as 200 apartments and office space on floors one to three. On the exterior, many of the historic windows will be retained while the building’s decorative features will be repaired.