Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jun 17, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jun 17, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

June 16
Deputies were dispatched to a disturbance where a third-party complainant was concerned for the well-being of her client due to a verbal altercation between her client and her client’s live-in boyfriend. Deputies responded and made contact with all parties involved. Deputies determined that there was a verbal argument and no threats of harm were made. Mental Health and other resources were provided to both parties and they were advised about Crisis Intervention Team officers. A report was completed for documentation.

A Writ of Possession was served on a subject in Centerburg. The subject vacated the residence per the order and the property was turned over to the new owner.

A caller reported an expensive pair of earrings that have been missing approximately a year. A report is being done for documentation.

Deputies arrested Lauralee J. Biddle on a warrant for failure to appear and was transported to the Knox County Juvenile Court for a hearing.

June 17
Deputies with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an address on Cavallo Road in reference to a runaway juvenile. The juvenile was entered into LEADS as a runaway and an investigation is ongoing.