Danville/Brinkhaven Police Report – Jun 12, 2022

Danville/Brinkhaven Police Report – Jun 12, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Danville Police Department)

June 1
Assisted the sheriff’s office on a BOLO call of a possible drunk driver – in the 16000 block of Nashville Rd.
Checked on the well-being of a child – in the 300 block of East Ross St.
Assisted the sheriff’s office in checking for 3 individuals who had gone river rafting and were late to their arrival point at the Bridge Street Landing. Individuals were located and were okay.

June 2
Responded to a 911 call and discovered it to be a line malfunction – in the 800 block of East St.

June 3
Daniel Arocho Santiago age 23 of Hilliard was issued a traffic citation for a stop sign violation

June 4
Business alarm – in the 23000 block of Coshocton Rd.
Suspicious person – Howard-Danville Rd./Chapel Rd.

June 5
Assisted the OSP on an auto crash scene – in the 6000 block of Millersburg Rd.
Assisted the sheriff’s office – in the 25000 block of Coshocton Rd.
Lauren R. Weaver age 45 of Millersburg was issued a traffic citation for a seatbelt violation
A citizen found a packet containing a white substance suspecting it to be meth and turned it in at DPD to be destroyed properly – South Market St.

June 6
Assisted a sheriff’s deputy with a traffic stop – Coshocton Rd./Carey Lane
Littering violation – East South St./South Cedar St.
Private property auto accident on the Subway parking lot. A vehicle driven by Damion Davis of Danville backed into a vehicle owned by Barb Valley of Danville – Progress Dr.
Alexander R. Adams age 19 of Glenmont was issued a traffic citation for speed

June 7
Citizen assist – in the 100 block of Linwood St.
A watch was found, the owner was located, and the watch was returned – South Market St.

June 8
Responded to the scene where a semi failed to clear the turn from Coshocton Rd. westbound onto State Route 715 eastbound, striking a road sign and causing damages to the sign and the roadway shoulder area
Assisted the squad/EMTs – W. Walnut St.
Contact was made with Jason Norris having an arrest warrant out of Holmes County. Holmes County advised they wouldn’t take Norris and to advise Norris for him to contact Holmes County himself to take care of the arrest warrant

June 9
Assisted the squad/EMTs – North St.
Assisted a juvenile – in the 500 block of South Market St.

June 11
Responded to check on a call that the police dispatcher had received a 911 text call from the 4000 block of Apple Valley Drive. No problem found
Complaint of a barking dog – in the 100 block of East Main St.
Assisted the sheriff’s office in searching for fireworks – in the 1400 block of Apple Valley Drive