Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jun 01, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jun 01, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

May 31
Deputies did take a report by phone on telecommunications fraud. The Centerburg resident advised they were contacted by a local phone number and advised if they did not provide $240 that their electric would be turned off. The complainant did provide a credit card number to pay the supposed bill. Moments later the complainant figured it was a scam and immediately contacted their bank and canceled their credit card. A report was taken for documentation.

A deputy was dispatched to a rental storage facility on Pittsburgh Avenue Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 on a theft. The deputy arrived on the scene and began his investigation. Photographs were collected of the scene as well as surveillance photos of a vehicle that was in the area at the time of the theft. Written statements were handed out to the victims to be completed. The deputy advised the victims to provide a list of all stolen belongings. The storage unit was re-locked by the manager of the units and the deputy cleared the scene.

The subject, Joseph M. Lopez III, was cited for Fail to Control 4511.202 for an accident at the corner of Columbus Road and Wilson Road. Lopez did admit to falling asleep while traveling to his 2nd job. Polite and Cooperative. Body cam.

A deputy was dispatched to a residence on Northgate Drive to make contact with an individual referencing a vandalism to a vehicle. The complainant called in stating that they were driving on Crestview Avenue and a male individual threw a hard object at their vehicle, causing damage to the rear driver’s side panel to the vehicle. Statements and photographs were collected and a report was sent to the City Law Director’s Office for review of possible charges.