Elliston Refreshments Drive-Thru Closing June 4

We have recently made the difficult decision to shut down the drive-thru, and as of Saturday, June 4th we will no longer be open for business.
There are a lot of contributing factors, the largest of which is time. When vendors short us on product, or no-show all together, when coolers need repaired or a water line to a sink bursts, that all takes time. I’m sure you’ve all seen our doors closed a lot recently, and that’s because when employees need unexpected time off, we as the management and owners are left to fill those spots and with the other businesses we’re running, we just don’t have that time. And that’s no fault of our employees, people have to call off and we fully understand that, but unfortunately we’re not a mega-corporation that has 30 other people to slide into a vacant spot on the schedule. So that, along with many forces facing tons of businesses today is what has led us to where we are.
We’re sad to not be able to provide the convenience for our customers and more sad to lose the staff we have in place because they’ve all been great. For what it’s worth, there are “we’re hiring” signs everywhere and likely it shouldn’t take long to find new jobs, but we will be paying the employees we’re letting go a month of severance pay to try to help them through their transition between jobs.
Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, from voting our license into existence, to promoting us before we were even open, and sharing all our posts and merch give aways to help get the word out. We truly appreciated it.
Look for posts over the coming days, because while we can’t discount a lot of our product due to state mandated minimums, we will be heavily discounting much of our soft drinks and snacks to try to whittle down inventory prior to our final day. Whatever we can’t sell we’re hoping to donate to someone who is running concessions for youth baseball or something of that nature so our loss can be someone else’s gain for a good cause.
Thanks again for the support.
Information courtesy of Elliston Refreshments