ROX: Equipping Girls with Skills to Navigate Challenges

Confidence. Pressure. Social Media. Body Image. Today’s girls are facing tremendous challenges. They experience a 26% drop in confidence between 5th and 9th grade. The worst part? Their confidence never recovers. One in three girls say that they are afraid to be a leader because others will think she is bossy and half of girls report that they are afraid to speak their mind or disagree with others because they want to be liked.
ROX is committed to equipping all girls with the skills they need to navigate these challenges. That is why ROX trains and licenses school counselors, social workers and licensed educators to deliver evidence-based programs to girls in grades 5-12 in their schools and community organizations.
Women United proudly supports the ROX programs across Knox County. We are thankful for all of the coaches and facilitators dedicated to supporting girls in our schools and community!
Information courtesy of United Way of Knox County