Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival Will Continue Parking Shuttle

After much consideration, the committee for the USA Days festival has decided it cannot make use of the parking area the Oldtime Farming Festival has implemented. There were many factors involved in this. First of all, they would have to pay to have field mowed as well as pay a fee for use of the field. Secondly, shuttles would need to be rented or secured as well as tractors to pull them. Then they would need to find drivers for them. Also, the new safety regulations would require parking customers to not walk on the roadside but they also are not wanted to walk in the yard of the home that sits there. Finally, the parking area is in a low spot at the bottom of the hill and if it should rain it would be unusable. And the biggest factor is that the committee simply does not have the manpower to handle all of this.

Therefore, as last year, we will continue to have lots of parking at the Centerburg High School just west of town. Free school bus shuttles will be offered on Friday evening and all day Saturday from after the parade till after the fireworks. The roadside turnaround will not allow any parking as that will be the pick-up/drop-off point for the buses. This system worked very well last year with no problems, therefore it seemed to be the better option for us to continue for the foreseeable future. Of course, handicapped parking will be available in the park as well as for vendors and entertainers. Anyone who wishes may find alternate parking in town and use the sidewalk or trail to walk to the park from there.
There is motorcycle parking available in the lot near the water tower, right across from the park entrance. Only motorcycles are allowed to use this lot! The opening will not be large enough for cars to use!
Also, FYI, as the big tree in the park blocked fireworks from their new location. At the bottom of the hill, they can be viewed fine. Therefore, the grassy area along 314 on the outer side of the driveway will not allow any parking this year. It will be roped off as will the lower hill as the prime seating area for the fireworks display. Make note of that when choosing your spot!