MVHS Grand Concours Results

Le Grand Concours is a National French Test sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. ┬áThis year over 40,000 students took the test from all 50 states. Nine MVHS students received awards for their contest scores. Six students received Mention d’Honneur (Honorable Mention) certificates, and three received bronze or silver medals as special recognition.

Le Grand Concours Medallists
Abi Ferris-Dunham, Megan Chamberlin, Isabelle Tooley, Christopher Hawthorne, Elijah Kingsbury, and Ainsley Bonaudi.
Not pictured: Hannah Hofferberth, Ally Matulich, and Beckett Pechon-Elkins
French 1
Ainsley Bonaudi (9th grade) – Mention d’honneur
Abi Ferris-Dunham (8th grade) – Mention d’honneur
Elijah Kingsbury (8th grade) – Mention d’honneuFrench 2
Christopher Hawthorne (9th grade) – Mention d’honneurFrench 3
Ally Matulich (10th grade) – Bronze Medal

AP French (French 4)
Hannah Hofferberth (10th grade) – Silver Medal

KAP French
Megan Chamberlin (12th grade) – Mention d’honneur
Beckett Pechon-Elkins (12th grade) – Silver Medal
Isabelle Tooley (12th grade) – Mention d’honneur
Information courtesy of Mount Vernon City Schools