Ohio Community College Students Named to 2022 All-Ohio Academic Team

COLUMBUS – Today more than 60 students from Ohio’s 23 community colleges were honored for their excellence in academics, leadership and community service by Ohio’s Chancellor of Higher Education Randy Gardner as part of the 2021 All-Ohio Academic Team. The event was held as part of celebrations of Community College Month in Ohio.

“Ohio’s community colleges provide a welcoming environment where students can thrive and succeed even if that may not have been the case in previous educational settings,” said Jack Hershey, President and CEO of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC). “We are so proud of these outstanding students, our best and brightest, for their academic excellence and we look forward to seeing them become leaders in their careers.”

The All-Ohio Academic Team program is a collaboration between the OACC, Phi Theta Kappa national honor society and Honda, the event sponsor.

“The achievements of these students reflect their personal drive and commitment, as well as the quality educational experience and support that is characteristic of our state’s community colleges. They are truly the gateways to a successful next chapter for so many Ohioans — those entering from high school, those pursuing a certificate or degree after a break from learning, or those looking to retrain or upskill,” Chancellor Gardner said. “Members of this year’s All-Ohio Academic Team will be tomorrow’s leaders who will make their communities and our state even stronger.”

The top-performing students were nominated by college faculty, staff and leaders. Students recognized as first-team honorees will receive $500 scholarships, while second-team members earn $250 scholarships to assist students transferring on to universities to complete their bachelor’s degree requirements. The All-Ohio Academic Team also includes high-achieving students who are planning to move directly into the workforce will also be recognized and receive awards.

Below are this year’s winners.


First Team

Torie Bockey, Rhodes State College

Torri Brown, Eastern Gateway Community College

Japharneet Kaur, Cincinnati State Technical & Community

Kara Loader, Zane State College

Brennan Patterson, Clark State College

Mackenzie Rader, Rhodes State College

Jonathan Roberts, Columbus State Community College

Andrew Schoppelrei, Marion Technical College

Emese Toth, Lorain County Community College

Makayla Stormer, North Central State College


Second Team

Sydnie Bovard, Stark State College

Nicolas Ikonga, Cincinnati State Technical & Community

Brittany Kramer, Lorain County Community College

Alejandro Marin-Duran, Zane State College

Emma Rittenhouse, Clark State College

Janice Robinson, Lakeland Community College

Gabrielle Sudal, Eastern Gateway Community College

Erica Uhlenhake, Rhodes State College

Michael Waite, Northwest State Community College

Saywrane Williams, Cuyahoga Community College

Josephine Vano, Lakeland Community College

Amber Lockett, Owens Community College

Rebekah Schmersal, Rhodes State College

Ethan Crowder, Southern State Community College

Taylor Lemasters, Washington State Community College


Third Team

Brandy Baker, Southern State Community College

Jeffrey Baugham, Sinclair Community College

Robert Berg, Cuyahoga Community College

Saundreca Bradley, Columbus State Community College

Cassandra Brewer, Stark State College

Logan Chaney, Edison State Community College

Joshua Chavez, Terra State Community College

Layne Claudy, Edison Community College

Joshua Crewes, Stark State College

Robert Dahdouh, Cuyahoga Community College

Matthew Defalco, Edison State Community College

Joseph Duncan, Central Ohio Technical College

Safiyyah Dundee, Eastern Gateway Community College

Airica Edmonds, Central Ohio Technical College

Doris Egbunike, Cuyahoga Community College

Brandi Ferrarini, Cuyahoga Community College

Bailey Goodrich, Central Ohio Technical College

David Harr, Washington State Community College

Elise Hays, Edison Community College

Robert Hensley, Terra State Community College

Michelle Malick, Cuyahoga Community College

Darko Marinkovic, Cuyahoga Community College

Alexa Marley, Belmont College

Cade Mickley, North Central State College

Twala Miller, Central Ohio Technical College

Valero Morris, Eastern Gateway Community College

Lauren Parrish, Hocking College

Maria Claudia Prada, Cuyahoga Community College

Alexis Quinlisk, Rhodes State College

Bridgette Rooths, Clark State Community College

Candice Runnion, Washington State Community College

Brandon Scholten, Marion Technical College

Zerrin Scott, Columbus State Community College

Rachel Shepherd, Southern State Community College

Charmella Smith, Eastern Gateway Community College

Mackenzie Smith, Washington State Community College

Morgan Spanulo, Cuyahoga Community College

Eric Tomlinson, Sinclair Community College

Nila Upreti, Columbus State Community College

Danielle Wallace, Lakeland Community College

Minghuang Wang, Cuyahoga Community College

Samuel Weaver, Stark State College

Aaron Wilburn, Sinclair Community College

Janice Willie, Cuyahoga Community College

Denise Willow, Cuyahoga Community College