Utilities Commission Proposes Updates to Stormwater Utility Rules and Regulations

Utilities Commission provides updated stormwater rules and regulations; seeks public review.

MOUNT VERNON – The City of Mount Vernon Utilities Commission has worked to update the Stormwater Utility Rules and Regulations. In accordance with Chapter 920 of the Mount Vernon Code of Ordinances, the Utility Commission has established Stormwater Utility Rules and Regulations which are to ensure proper ongoing operation and maintenance of stormwater control measures and the function of the Stormwater Utility. Prior to Council committee meetings and legislation, the Commission is asking the public for their review of the updates.

The rules and regulations have been posted to the City of Mount Vernon Website at MountVernonOhio.org and are titled “Stormwater Utility Rules and Regulations (PROPOSED UPDATE)” under the “Stormwater Utility Information” section of the Stormwater tab within the Utilities tab. Those that review the rules and regulations can email comments to eng4@mountvernonohio.org or drop them off at the Engineering Department Office at 40 Public Square by May 11, 2022. All comments will be collected and reviewed and further edits to the rules and regulations will be made prior to gaining final approval from the Utilities Commission and then further adoption by City Council. Please call (740) 393-9528 if there are any questions about the public review process.


CONTACT: Emily Platt
PHONE: (740) 393-9528
DATE: April 21, 2022