Wildlife Wednesday – The Prairie Warbler

As spring migration really starts to spring into action, we are flying into Wildlife Wednesday with a feature on the prairie warbler.
While most of our Ohio warblers are woodland species, prairie warblers require scruffy successional habitats like old fields, young clear-cuts, grasslands, shrubby areas, and the like. This habitat is generally not highly valued nor intentionally managed for, thus its distribution is often spotty and localized and so are prairie warblers in many areas.
The song is unmistakable and quite easy to learn, with a rapidly ascending series of short clear notes. The window to hear prairie warblers is short: most arrive in late April and males have largely ceased singing by the end of June. Most prairie warblers have already departed for the wintering grounds by early July.
For more on other warblers in the buckeye state, download the Common Birds of Ohio field guide here: https://ohiodnr.gov/…/Common%20Birds%20of%20Ohio…. Ohio Division of Wildlife Ohio Department of Education #WildOhio
Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources