Price Sentenced to 10-13 Years in Fredericktown Incident

Last Friday, Darren Price, 39, of Howard, entered guilty pleas to felonious assault with a gun specification, fleeing and eluding a police officer and aggravated possession of drugs. The assault and fleeing charges arose from an incident outside Fredericktown in June of last year where Price attempted to shoot at Fredericktown Officer Josh Jones. Fortunately, Price’s pistol jammed. Price fled the scene with a female companion at speeds over 100 mph, running several stop signs before getting away.
Judge Wetzel sentenced Price to six to nine years on the felonious assault with an additional three year mandatory gun specification and another 12 months consecutively for the fleeing and eluding charge. A 24-month sentence for the drug possession was run concurrently. Price’s total sentence will be 10-13 years.
Information courtesy of the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office