Fredericktown Police Report – Apr 06, 2022

Fredericktown Police Report – Apr 06, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Fredericktown Police Department)


March 27

Theft report on West Sandusky Street.

Animal-related complaint on Ottawa Avenue.

Traffic complaint on West Sandusky Street.

Harassment complaint on East Fourth Street.

Disturbance on South Edgehill Drive.


March 28

Unsecure building on Columbus Road.

Mental health-related report on Colony Drive.

Warren P. Hatfield, Mansfield, indicted on aggravated possession of drugs.

Joshua F. Daye, Marengo, indicted on breaking and entering, theft, and illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia.


March 29

Vehicle unlock on Stub Alley.


March 30

Vandalism report on Colony Drive.

Assisted the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office on South Main Street.

Trash complaint on Village Parkway.

Animal-related complaint on North Main Street.

Theft from vehicle report on South Main Street.


March 31

Suspicious person on West College Street.

Vandalism complaint on South Main Street.


April 1

Assisted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on Mermary Drive.

Theft report taken on South Main Street.

Commercial alarm on Mount Vernon Avenue.


April 2

Vandalism complaint on North Main Street.

Civil Matter on East College Street.

Assisted the Fredericktown EMS on Freeway Avenue.

Information-related call on East Fourth Street.

Assisted the Fredericktown Fire Department on North Main Street.