Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Apr 04, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Apr 04, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

April 1
While en route to a dispatched disturbance, possible domestic violence call, Deputies were passing a local drinking establishment, when they observed (2) two males preparing to fight in a nearby parking lot.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Vincent Road on a report of a person attempting to harm themself.

A complainant came to the Sheriff’s Office to report incidents of bullying over social media. A report was made for documentation.

deputies received a call from a complainant stating that two excavating buckets were stolen from his place of business on Breckler Rd. Danville OH, a report was filed to document the incident.

April 2
Deputies were dispatched to a disturbance on Southridge Drive in Mount Vernon. The parties had separated before law enforcement arrival and a report was completed to be forwarded to the Mount Vernon City Law Director for review.

A dispatch advised of a possible active burglary call. Deputies responded and determined that a burglary occurred at the victim/complainant’s residence. The residence was checked for any suspects, photographs were taken and a report was completed for documentation.

Unit 2 was traveling south on Martinsburg Road. Unit 2 then slowed down to turn onto Glen Road when Unit 1 rear-ended Unit 2.

unit 1 was traveling eastbound on Lexington Road. At the intersection of Lexington Road and Zolman Road, Unit 1 failed to obey the stop sign and crossed the road in front of Unit 2. Unit 1 struck Unit 2 on the front right corner of the vehicle causing minor damage to the front bumper fender and headlight area of Unit 2. Unit 1 also sustained minor damage to the right rear corner and tail light area of the vehicle.

Unit 1 was exiting private property, failing to yield, and into the southbound path of Unit 2, and was struck by Unit 2.

Deputies were dispatched on a disturbance at a residence on Zion Road. Deputies interviewed the involved parties and determined that it was a verbal altercation. Parties were separated for the night.