Wildlife Wednesday – The Yellow-Throated Warbler

As spring migration nears, here is a bird that people are always excited to see this time of year for today’s Wildlife Wednesday, the yellow-throated warbler.
Many birds are intimately associated with certain plants, and this species is an excellent example. In fact, the yellow-throated warbler was formerly known as the “sycamore warbler” because of its intimate relationship with that tree. Yellow-throated warblers return in early April, one of the earliest warblers to return. Their sweet song is a descending series of slurred whistles, normally delivered from high in the tree tops.
For more info on this species and other warblers in Ohio, download the Common Birds of Ohio Field Guide here – https://ohiodnr.gov/…/Common%20Birds%20of%20Ohio…. Ohio Division of Wildlife Ohio Department of Education #WildOhio
Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources