Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Mar 17, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Mar 17, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

March 13
Deputies were dispatched to a residence in Centerburg, Ohio, on an illegal campsite that was on private property. Deputies were unable to make contact at the campsite. Notes were left on their tents to vacate the area or to call the Sheriff’s Office with any questions. A report was taken on this incident.

March 16
A complainant called the Sheriff’s Office stating that the non-offense victim was out of control and threatening to harm himself. The non-offense victim was taken to KCH for medical and mental health evaluations.

Unit 1 was traveling southbound on Ankenytown Road and failed to yield to Unit 2 who was traveling northbound. Unit 1 crossed over the center line making a turn southeast crossing Unit 2’s lane of travel causing the two vehicles to collide. Unit 1 sustained damage on the rear passenger corner and Unit 2 sustained damage on the front passenger corner. The driver and occupant of Unit 1 declined to write statements.

Deputies were notified by Children’s Services of a possible domestic violence incident that occurred on Martinsburg Road. Deputies accompanied a Children’s Services Representative and spoke with the victim. Photographs were taken of her injuries and a report was sent to the city law director for review.