City to Offer New Options in Utility Billing

Beginning Feb. 22, residents can go paperless, set up auto payments

MOUNT VERNON, Feb. 11, 2022 – Mount Vernon residents will soon have several convenient, new ways to pay their utility bill. Beginning later this month, paying a water/wastewater charge won’t necessarily require buying a stamp and sending a check in the mail, or stopping by the Utility Billing Office – although residents may still pay their bills those ways if they choose.

The City of Mount Vernon has partnered with InvoiceCloud to offer multiple options for residents to pay their bills paper-free. They will be able, beginning on Feb. 22, to make a secure payment – or just check their balance – using their phone at any time of the day or night, either by calling a number or via text messaging. In addition, residents can sign up to receive text notifications about when their bills are due, along with confirmations that their bills are paid. They may also opt to receive these messages via email.

And the new features won’t stop there. By working with InvoiceCloud, the City will enable residents to have funds automatically withdrawn from their bank account each month to pay their bill if they wish, a totally hands-off approach to bill-paying once the service is set up. Multiple bills can also be paid in one transaction.
“We are excited to implement our new customer portal, InvoiceCloud, later this month. Our office is hoping to increase customer satisfaction with the multiple new features of InvoiceCloud,” said Kristen Goldner, a billing and customer service clerk in the City’s Water & Wastewater Department.

“Customers will be able to pay by phone, pay by text, set up text/email reminders, and set up auto-pay with a credit/debit card. Increasing the self-service options and making our online portal more user-friendly will enhance the overall customer experience.”

Residents currently using the existing portal on the City’s website to pay their bills will have to set up a new account on the new portal after Feb. 22. However, once their information is entered into the system it will not have to be re-entered for future payments.

Anyone now using auto-pay will not have to do anything to continue using that feature. In addition, residents who prefer to pay their bills by check, either via the U.S. mail or in person, may continue to do so.

Starting Feb. 22, customers can visit the City of Mount Vernon’s website – mountvernonohio .org – to set up an account for paperless billing by clicking on the “Online Services” drop-down menu at the top of the page and scrolling down to “Water.” They may also call the Utility Billing Office at 740-393-9504 to get set up, or if they have any questions.