Wildlife Wednesday – The Northern Saw-Whet Owl

As we get ready for the Super Bowl on Sunday, let’s do a “Superb Owl” spotlight today for Wildlife Wednesday as we showcase the Northern saw-whet owl.
The smallest owl found in Ohio; a full grown Northern saw-whet owl is about the size of an American robin. Because of their tiny size, strictly nocturnal habits, and penchant for roosting in heavy cover, this is one of the toughest Ohio owls to locate.
However, it is perhaps the most abundant species of owl in northern forests, and recent banding studies have begun to shed light on population densities and seasonal movements. Most Northern saw-whet owls seen in Ohio are migrants; overwintering birds are fairly rare, and there are only a handful of nesting records.
For more info on owls in the buckeye state, download the Owls of Ohio Field Guide here – https://ohiodnr.gov/…/Owls%20of%20Ohio%20Field%20Guide…. Ohio Division of Wildlife Ohio Department of Education
Information courtesy of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources