National Boy Scouts Day


February 8th annually recognizes National Boys Scouts Day. Since 1910, boys across America have been doing good deeds, learning survival skills, and developing moral foundations through the Boy Scout of America.

The Boy Scouts of America has roots in the British Boy Scouts organization which was created in 1908 after the success of the book Scouting for Boys by Robert Baden-Powell.

On a foggy day in London an American newspaperman, William Dickson Boyce, became lost when a Boy Scout came to his assistance. With the boy’s guidance, Boyce arrived at his destination. When Boyce offered payment for the assistance, the Boy Scout refused explaining it was a good deed.

Boyce was inspired to organize similar youth groups into one organization. On February 8, 1910, Boyce filed papers of incorporation, and the Boy Scouts of America was born.

Boy Scouts have had a profound impact on the United States.  Many presidents and other dignitaries have been Boy Scouts.  A total of 181 Astronauts have also been a part of the Boy Scout program.

Boy Scouting Facts


  • Boy Scouts of America incorporated in 1910
  • First Boy Scout Handbook published in 1911
  • Boys’ Life premiered in 1911
  • First Eagle Scout, Arthur R. Eldred in 1912
  • Scouting magazine premiered in 1913
  • Registration of Scouts began, 25¢ annual fee was 1913
  • Order of the Arrow began in 1915
  • Federal charter granted by Congress in 1916
  • The first season at what would become Northern Tier High Adventure Base started in 1923
  • Boy Scout membership tops 1 million in 1925
  • Cub Scout program began in 1930
  • Philmont donated to the BSA in 1938
  • First BSA Wood Badge course taught in 1948
  • First Pinewood Derby® held in 1953
  • Webelos program added to Cub Scouting in 1954
  • Exploring program began in 1959
  • Florida National High Adventure Sea Base officially opened in 1980
  • Tiger Cubs program added to Cub Scouting in 1982
  • Alexander M Holsinger became the 1 millionth Eagle Scout in 1982
  • Learning for Life program began in 1991
  • Venturing program began in 1998
  • 100 millionth member registered in 2000
  • Anthony Thomas became the 2 millionth Eagle Scout in 2009

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBoyScoutsDay

  • Celebrate the Boy Scouts!
  • Recall your time as a Boy Scout and share the lessons you learned.
  • Give a shout-out to a Boy Scout leader.
  • Share the skills you learned with others.
  • Volunteer to be a leader.
  • Learn more about the Boys Scouts organization.
  • Use #NationalBoyScoutsDay to join the conversation on social media.


February 8th recognizes the anniversary of the date William Dickson Boyce filed the letters of incorporation. February is also Boy Scout Month.

Boy Scouts FAQ

Q. Who founded the Boys Scouts?
A. Robert Baden-Powell started the scouting movement in 1857. The first Boy Scout organization in the United States was established on February 8, 1910.

Q. How many ranks are in the Boy Scouts?
A. The seven ranks in Boy Scouts are Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle.

Q. Are the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts the same thing?
A. Cub Scouts is a division of Boy Scouts and is designed for younger children between kindergarten and fifth grade.