Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Feb 07, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Feb 07, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

February 4
Unit One was traveling north on Wooster Road. The operator became distracted and left the roadway driving into a ditch line.

A Deputy was dispatched to West Scott Lane on a report of found drug paraphernalia. The paraphernalia was collected and held for destruction.

A complainant stated that an unknown person knocked on his door at approximately 4 am and started yelling at the complainant who then told the individual to leave and then when the unknown person continued yelling the complainant punched him in the nose and shut the door.

A deputy was on routine patrol in Clinton Township when he located a vehicle left abandoned on the roadway. The vehicle was left on Monroe Street just north of Columbus Road. The deputy checked the vehicle and nobody was around the vehicle. Attempts to locate the owner of the vehicle were unsuccessful. The vehicle was towed from the roadway by On the Spot towing and impounded at their impound lot. The vehicle can be released by proof of ownership.

February 5
Deputies were dispatched to 10551 Tucker Road on an injury accident. Once on scene, fire personnel advised that the deer from the accident came out from under the involved vehicle and ran into a yard across from the accident. A deputy found the deer and dispatched it. OSP did handle the injury accident.

A complainant called to report that a deer was struck and killed in front of his residence. A deputy responded and issued a deer slip and the deer to an individual from the deer list.

A complainant called to report a syringe in front of his place of employment. A deputy responded and collected the syringe for disposal. A report was completed for documentation.

February 6
A complainant advised an unknown individual threatened the victim over Snap Chat requesting $300 so they won’t post a picture of him on the internet.

Deputies were dispatched to Riley Chapel Road on a minor trying to harm his mother. Deputies made contact with the mother and she said her son had mental health problems. Deputies were able to talk to the minor and were able to get him calmed down. Once calmed down, Deputies spoke to the mother and she said she was going to get in contact with the appropriate agencies for her son’s mental health.

Deputies were dispatched to North Street in Danville Ohio 43014 on a male threatening to harm himself. While speaking with the complainant she informed Deputies her grandson had mental health issues. After speaking with the complainant Deputies made contact with the grandson. After speaking with the grandson, Deputies determined the grandson was not a harm to himself or others. Deputies had also spoken with the grandson about getting assistance with his mental health.

Deputies were dispatched to Kenyon College for a male student who attempted self-harm. The male was transported to the hospital for treatment.