Centerburg Local Schools Covid Protocol Update

Covid Protocol 2.1.22

In accordance with Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and Knox Public Health (KPH) guidance the following changes to COVID protocol will be implemented immediately.

  1. Contact tracing will discontinue.
  2. Centerburg schools will report all positive cases to KPH each Friday as required.
  3. The school “dashboard” will be updated weekly with the number of identified positive cases for that week.
  4. If KPH determines the school has a “cluster” of cases it may require further actions. Those actions are determined by KPH and/or ODH.
  5. Students who are identified as positive must remain out of school for 5 days after the first symptoms or after the positive test if asymptomatic. Students or staff can then return after 5 days but must remain masked in school for an additional 5 days.
  6. The athletic department will cease “test to play” protocol.
  7. Due to federal requirements, masks must be worn on all school buses. Unless extended, this mandate will expire March 18.