A Special Day for Consumers


One year ago, Governor Mike DeWine signed Ohio’s surprise billing law, and this January it became effective. Ohioans can no longer be charged for medical care above their in-network insurance rates when treatment decisions are beyond their control.

This includes out-of-network emergency situations and when out-of-network health care providers are working at in-network medical facilities.

The department, which collaborated with stakeholders to create rules making the law operational, is responsible for administering and enforcing many of the law’s provisions and addressing complaints from consumers who receive surprise medical bills.

We are conducting outreach activities to help consumers understand their new rights as patients. In addition, we created a surprise medical billing toolkit to help consumers, health care providers, health insurers, and other stakeholders learn about the law and its requirements, and access the department’s surprise billing services.

Now that the federal (Jan.1) and state laws are effective, consumers should no longer receive surprise medical bills. If they do, they should file a complaint with the department for us to look into the matter. I urge anyone with questions or concerns to contact us at 800-686-1526, consumer.complaint@insurance.ohio.gov, or through our website insurance.ohio.gov. I also encourage health care providers and members of the insurance industry who have questions to reach out to us.