Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jan 24, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Jan 24, 2022
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

January 21
A complainant was involved with a fraud and needed a report on file for his bank. A report was taken on the complainant’s behalf.

January 22
A complainant contacted the Knox County Sheriff’s Office regarding a domestic violence incident that took place earlier in the day. Deputies arrived and made contact with both parties, Branden L. Gamble was arrested for domestic violence and assault.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence on New Delaware Road in reference to a domestic violence incident. Deputies spoke with all parties and it was determined that the son was suffering from unaddressed mental health issues. A report was filed and forwarded to Behavioral Health Care Partners.

Unit 1 crossed the centerline and drove off the left side of the road. Unit 1 struck the ditch and became stuck in the mud.

January 23
Unit 1 was traveling eastbound on New Guilford Road. Due to the conditions of the road, Unit 1 lost control of their vehicle by leaving the right side of the roadway and striking utility pole #148EV07. Pole #148EV07 Owner: CenturyLink (800)-786-6272

A complainant advised she has been harassed by the suspect over phone messages.

Unit 1 was traveling northbound on State Route 13. Unit 2 was turning left off of State Route 13 and had taken command of the interchange to proceed eastbound onto Waterford Road. Unit 1 was traveling in the left turn lane and was not able to control his vehicle and slid into the side of Unit 2.

A complainant reported that her boyfriend got assaulted at a party located on Bryant Road. The suspect was identified and the report will be forwarded to the City Law Director’s Office for review of potential charges.

A complainant made contact with a Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy regarding their vehicle and garage being egged. A report was taken as well as photos of the garage and the vehicle.

A victim/complainant called and reported that he was assaulted by an acquaintance at a hunting event. A deputy responded and made contact with the victim/complainant. The victim/complainant wrote a statement and the deputy attempted to make contact with the offender. The deputy was able to make contact with the offender via telephone who advised that the altercation was not physical and advised that he would write a statement as soon as possible, but at a later date. A report was completed to be sent to the City Law Director for review.

A complainant advised her mailbox had been vandalized and a report was made on her behalf.