Senior Levy Advisory Board Members

The Knox County Commissioners are seeking to form a Senior Levy Advisory Board.  The Senior Levy board will be comprised of five (5) with varying backgrounds and experience, who possess an interest in senior services, and who are not currently affiliated with any organization receiving funding.  Current recipients are:

  • Centerburg Senior Services
  • Center of Hope – Knox County
  • Fredericktown Senior Activity Center
  • Knox County Task Force for Older Adults
  • Job and Family Services – Adult Protection Services division
  • Sanctuary Community Action
  • Sew Special Network dba That Place on Market
  • Station Break

Members will serve a three (3) term.  The Senior Levy board will be responsible for recommending annual allocations of the Senior Levy fund, which serves Knox County residents 60 years of age and over.

Interested individuals should send a letter of interest by February 4 to