Elliston Refreshment Staff Wanted

Due to staff shortage, we will, unfortunately, be closing early on Tuesdays and Saturdays while we look to fill the empty position.
That being said, we are hiring! The position will be part-time and approximately three days per week (24 hours), with chances to pick up hours on the seemingly endless occasions that someone calls off. Closing and weekend availability is a must. While not 100% flexible we will make every reasonable effort to work with your schedule if you have school/childcare/a primary job that limits your schedule.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to sell all of our products, able-bodied enough to stock and carry product, and have good enough vision to read someone’s ID so we don’t sell product to toddlers. As we mentioned we’d love to find someone with enough flexibility to aid in covering call-offs.
The job itself couldn’t be more straightforward, and our expectations are very, very reasonable-
  1. show up when scheduled
  2. preferably be sober when you show up, and remain sober through your shift. (Crazy, I know)
  3. steal from us as little as possible
  4. be ok with the likelihood that helping customers may interfere with TikTok
  5. be willing to execute the following flow chart- Customer asks for product ➡️ Retrieve product for customer ➡️ Collect payment ➡️ Repeat 🔁.
In between those actions place more product on the shelf. Easy Peasy.
The job starts at $10/hr., but we need someone reliable, so if you’re confident in your ability to check all those boxes then put in an application to come talk to us, we are more than willing to pay for performance and dependability. If you’re interested you can pick up an application from any clerk in the drive-thru, message us here, or send an email to nici@ellistonrepair.com #nowhiring #easiestjobever
Information courtesy of Elliston Refreshments