Police Officer Entrance Examination

The Municipal Civil Service Commission of the City of Mount Vernon is accepting applications for a Police Patrol Officer exam. Please go to: www.mountvernonohio.org and click on “Civil Service” (under departments) for the complete job posting/exam information and job description. Completed applications (with any materials requested/required in the posting notice, OPOTA, verified transcripts, a DD-214 showing an honorable discharge for veterans) and a $20 fee can be sent to: Rm. 203, 40 Public Square, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 43050. (Make check or money order payable to the “City of Mount Vernon, Ohio.”)
Deadline is 2.8.22 at 1 pm – No exceptions – this includes all mailings
Pay range: Training period $22.96 hr.; 6 months: 23.79 hr.; 1yr $24.79 hr. and additional steps.*(These are 2021 rates and 2022 pay rates have not been established but will be higher.) We have a great health benefits package and a truly nice place to live and raise a family. Please e-mail: cvlserv@mountvernonohio.org with any questions.
Information courtesy of the Mount Vernon Police Department