Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 30, 2021

Knox County Sheriff’s Report – Dec 30, 2021
(Information courtesy of The Knox County Sheriff’s Office)

December 26
Deputies while attempting to make contact to question a suspect on a burglary charge, arrested Triston L. Martin on an unrelated probation warrant. The prisoner was transported to the Knox County Jail and a holder was placed on the individual by Municipal Probation.

December 29
Unit 1 was traveling east on Coshocton Road and struck a deer, coming from the south with the right front. Unit 1 suffered functional damage to the right front headlight, front fender, and right front door. Side airbags on both sides did deploy. Unit 1 was towed by On The Spot Towing.

While investigating a report of violation of a protection order, it was discovered the suspect was threatening another person via social media. Contact was made with the victim and a report is being done for documentation.

A complainant reported her ex-husband, who she has a protection order against, was posting threatening messages about her. Screenshots were taken and added to this report. A report is being taken and sent to the City Law Director for review of charges.

A complainant advised the suspect and he were arguing and decided to dissolve the relationship. She started packing up and left to secure a moving truck. Neither party wanted to write a statement or file charges.

Deputies made contact with an individual parked in the area of the old landfill on Thayer road. Charges were filed against Shawn S. Barrett for Driving Under Suspension, Drug Paraphernalia and Improper Transportation of a Firearm.

Michael G.L.R. Ball was located and arrested on warrants out of Knox County Common Pleas Court. Michael was transported to the Knox County Jail where he was released to jail staff.