OIU Offers Online Alcohol Server Knowledge Course

The Ohio Investigative Unit’s (OIU) Alcohol Server Knowledge (ASK) program is now available online.

Previously, agents have been holding ASK training in person at community centers and liquor permit premises. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, OIU officials began working with AB InBev Foundation to bring the training online.

Much like the in-person class, the training includes alcohol sales, false identification, identifying human trafficking, tobacco sales, food stamp fraud, trace-back investigations, labeling and refilling, among other topics. The participant must watch the videos and go through each topic before they can complete the course. The topics have scenarios and questions relating to the segments and a comprehensive exam at the end. Once the participant has successfully completed the course, they are presented with a certificate.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to educate people involved in the sale and handling of alcohol on the rules and regulations that govern liquor permits,” said Senior Enforcement Commander Erik Lockhart. “In the process, we formed a partnership in the private sector that shares a common goal – responsible alcohol sales and consumption.”

OIU became aware of the opportunity to partner with AB InBev from the Ohio Division of Liquor Control.

“As regulators of alcohol in Ohio, our goal is to promote social responsibility of alcohol in the state,” said Division of Liquor Control Superintendent Jim Canepa. “This program helps educate our licensees who sell and serve alcohol about the laws, in addition to the dangers of alcohol and overconsumption,”

The partnership with AB InBev began as a pilot program with six cities worldwide to participate in Global Smart Drinking Goals – which is reducing the harmful use of alcohol by 10 percent in six cities. OIU submitted a plan for Columbus, which can also be used for all of Ohio. The other five cities are located in Belgium, Brazil, China, Mexico and South Africa. To learn more about the partnership, log onto https://abinbevfoundation.org/initiatives/city-pilots/.

The ASK program is still available in person and both are free for all participants.

The online class can be found by logging onto https://learning.dps.ohio.gov/ask