Expert Advice for a New Year, New Opportunities and New Stability


Ohioans ready for a brighter future should ring in 2022 with a New Year’s resolution to achieve new skills and a new career

COLUMBUS, OH – The start of a brand-new year gives Ohioans a chance to turn the page on long months of pandemic disruption and insecurity, a golden opportunity to plan for a brighter future and then to get ready to make that future happen.  That’s the advice from one Ohio education and life-planning leader who has encouraging words for those whose plans have been stalled by the old year’s challenges.


“For anyone who feels their future has been slipping away, now is the time for a New Year’s resolution to create new opportunities for themselves and their families.  Resolve now to get the skills needed to reboot their futures with a new career,” says Dr. K. L. Allen, chancellor of Western Governors University Ohio. “If the past two years have shown us anything, it’s how uncertain the future can be and how people with the new economy’s in-demand skills can create stability and security by getting the training that employers urgently seek.”


Dr. Allen stresses that training via an online university like WGU Ohio not only fits in perfectly with full-time work and family obligations but also will withstand the continued ups-and-downs, opened-and-closed uncertainty of the pandemic.  “Now’s the time to take control of your future” he says.


He points to his own university, WGU Ohio, an accredited, nonprofit and online-only university where more than 4,400 Ohio students are currently pursuing new or upgraded careers in health care and nursing, business, teaching and information technology.


To kick off the new year, WGU Ohio is offering an added incentive for those making resolutions to earn a college degree in the new year with a new scholarship, which provides up to $2,500 per student. More information is available at


WGU was established in 1997 by a partnership of state governors to offer students, particularly adult learners, the chance to go to college while working and caring for their families. In 2018, Ohio became the 27th state to join the WGU partnership, offering a new pathway for Ohioans to seek careers in such in-demand careers as health care and nursing, business, teaching and information technology.