Preventable Suffering and Death

Please – never leave fishing line behind!
A Canada goose recently picked up by our Rescue and Response Team suffered grave injuries and had to be euthanized because of entanglement in fishing line. We take this opportunity to remind the public to never leave fishing line behind, and to please pick up and properly dispose of any you come across in our environment.
The goose had fishing line wrapped around the base of its tongue and was extremely emaciated because it could not eat. The bird’s tongue was almost severed by the line, and scar tissue had formed behind the tongue, blocking its airway. Upon further examination, it was found that the goose had swallowed more fishing line wrapped up in a large ball of vegetation.
Unfortunately, this is just one example of the suffering and death that can result from improper disposal of fishing line – our team can site countless others.
We can do better than this. Please help us spread the word about the dangers of fishing line and other plastic trash in our environment.
Information courtesy of the Ohio Wildlife Center